Cuba 12-07-11

In the bus from Havana to Varadero it was a perfect moment to think and write about the first experiences I got since I arrived in Cuba. Those first days, we only spent time in the capital Havana. 

The first thoughts you got when arriving the city is that everyone is really friendly and ready to help you out whenever is needed, but after those first days spending in Havana I thought that was a big mistake of thinking that immediatly. When people arrive somewhere and they feel comfortable and good, it is easy to betray them. This is the experience we got as well in Havana. First we also trusted everyone we met, but after some bad experiences we noticed that you have to watch out and take some distance. 

If you don't understand why some of the Cubans want to mislead you, you just have to try to understand the situation where they are living in. The most people in Cuba earn something between the 15 and 25 CUC in a month. Only the police earns 40 CUC a month, what is just something around the 60 EUR. This people never get the chance to earn more and they never get a chance to get outside their own country. The only possibility to go abroad is if they get a job or through university, but even then it is far from easy. They need to fill in a lot of paperwork and request for a passport to go abroad. 

Havana is a really nice city and certainly nice to visit! Only watch out with the trust you have in the local people. It sounds bad, but it is just a matter of realising how their life is. Once you get out of Havana the mentality of the people gets much better, but still watch out with the people you meet. They are for sure really nice! Only not all of them have the same good intension. 

Next stop: the white beaches of Varadero. 





Center Havana









Havana City... 








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First days in Dubai



The thins I saw the last couple of days...




One of our ships with Abu Dhabi

 in the background.






Abu Dhabi...







Abu Dhabi...










People who are living there...











Highest building in the world.










Special picture for BDS.




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