Culture difference in sport!

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Reggaeton Cubano

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Cuba 16/07/11 (Varadero - Santa Clara)












In Varadero we had 3 nice days and nights. Normally it is a more touristic place, but at this time of the year it was calmer. It was a perfect place to stay after the madness of Havana. Nice long beaches to relax and chill. In the evening it was also nice to go out and end up on the beach for some night swimming. Only watch out for the mucho mosquitos a la playa. 



After Varadero, we went for a day to Santa Clara. Santa Clara was the site of the last battle in the Cuban Revolution. In the time we were there, there was a carnaval in the litle streets of Santa Clara that was nice to see. All the day party with local food, local drinks and Cuban rumba. In the evening on the teras of our Casa Particular I tried for the first time a real Cuban sigar. The Casa Particular where we stayed was an old house where Che himself stayed in the past with one of his mistresses. What a surprise that I ended up there!
































 Santa Clara ~ City of Ché







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